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About Kris Kates & Animal Manners

Kris Kates -Master Dog Trainer

Kris Kates

Dog Trainer



Kris Kates is one of Sacramento region’s most sought after dog trainers. With over 30 years of experience in animal training, Kris brings highly desirable insights, knowledge, and compassion to each and every one of her clients.


In 1984, Kris began her career teaching owners and training dogs. The excitement of bringing out the best in pets and their owners is what drives Kris to help others on a daily basis. She is passionate about animals, and for the opportunity to teach owners how to train their pets in a fun and positive way that is beneficial to both owner and canine. 


Kris believes dog training doesn’t have to be overly time consuming and that with proper teaching, having a well-behaved pet can greatly improve everyday life and companionship with your pups. Kris’s techniques make it both fun and easy to incorporate ongoing training in to your daily routine.

Professional Experience & Training


Kris began her professional training at Moorpark College in 1984 where she studied Exotic Animal Training & Management. From there, she went on to train a diverse variety of  both domestic and exotic animals such as primates, carnivores, sea lions, parrots, small mammals, birds of prey, and hoof stock, as well as domestic cats and dogs.


In 1995, Kris accepted a position as President of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and in 1997 became the Executive Director.


Kris is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and is proud to adhere to the strict code of ethics they set forth. For more information on these standards, please click here.


  • 30+ Years of Animal Training Experience

  • Ongoing Continuing Education Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences

  • Moorpark College: Exotic Animal Training & Management

  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers: Served as both President and Executive Director; Current Member

  • Director of Behavior and Training: Pet Resort/Hotel

How to Choose a Trainer:

Questions about how to choose the right dog trainer for your needs? Download this free guide published and provided by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

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